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Star Wars Celebration 2019 is now over. While I don’t know that we got anything new (shocking yes. New not really) it was still a great weekend. Still, there were some really great moments that stood out over the weekend. Then again there were some moments that were a bit of a let down, so here are my top 5 moments as well as 4 disappointments.

Celebration 2019 Top Moment #5 – Trailers

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Let’s start with the most obvious. Going into this weekend we were expecting four trailers. Well we kinda got three and a half. No matter the count, all the footage they showed this weekend was amazing. The Episode 9 trailer didn’t show anything great other than the opening shot, but not only its ending, but its title left fans with plenty to talk about.

The trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order was incredible. The graphics look great even though they were cut scenes and not game play, but the story is everything we hoped for. Then on top of that they bring out Cameron Monaghan from Gotham as the lead character. This game looks amazing! This was definitely a highlight of Celebration 2019.

Then of course we had The Clone Wars. They showed a few scenes as well as essentially two trailers. It showed a lot of what is to come without spoiling anything and again giving fans tons to talk about.

Then you have The Mandalorian. We didn’t get a trailer (coming back to that) but we saw some great shots of the actors and some amazing behind the scenes shots on how they are making the show. All of the footage from all of the shows was magnificent.

Celebration 2019 Downer #4 – The Mandalorian

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That leads us directly into the first downer. People have been chomping at the bit for a view of The Mandalorian. Filoni offers up the trailer and….black out! Seriously?! I get how conventions can sometimes get special viewings, but when they are so open about everything and then they hide this. Talk about a gut punch to streamers.