5. Twitch Publishes Its First Video Game! It’s…Karaoke.

Twitch, not satisfied with dominating the live streaming industry, has decided to jump into making video games. The first of many, being karaoke live. Realistically, this is the most logical choice. It makes sense to have a life platform for the musically inclined, and its not exactly a new idea. Music.ly (nowTikTok, Rip) and Smule also have/had similar karaoke platforms, but twitches reach will definitely create a cottage market for those with some pipes. The game is free to play on windows, with Twitch stating that it will be adding new titles every week. Some #karaoke may need to end up on that Hashtag Twitch page.

4. ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Announced.

Gamers have waited…

and waited…

and waited…

My senior year picture tbh

but we finally get a single player Star Wars game. it gets even better. Learning from the mistakes of EA, it was stated that it is SINGLE PLAYER, NO LOOT BOXES, SEMI- OPEN WORLD and headed to consoles and PC this holiday season. Its an ambitious turnaround to be sure. Hopefully we we don’t end up with bug/patch central (because of course we will).

3. Disney+ Won’t Have Video Games.

Reported with Disney+ streaming services, it’s semi- sad to hear that video games will not be part of the streaming package…not that they need another avenue of revenue, as they currently own 40 percent of the yearly box office, as well as Fox’s ginormous catalog and shares of Hulu…who knows, maybe the mouse house will try to buy steam up someday.

2. Final Fantasy XV’ Director is Making an RPG About The Paralympics

This artwork doe

not only is The Pegasus Dream Tour being made by the director of FF XV, but it is also officially endorsed by the Paralympics. The game will take place in fictional Metropolis. Normally I would find games like this pandering, but the artwork and vision so far looks really cool, and the representation in his looks promising. Not much is known about the game except that it will be available for all platforms before 2020.

1. Gaymer Magazine Creates LGBT Representation in Gamer News Media.

Gaymer magazine will become the platform for LGBTQ+ audiences around the world, starting June 11th. The magazine will provide gamer news, community, reviews and stories highlighting the LGBT community.
When discussing what the goal of what Gaymer magazine is going to be,
Robin Gray, Founder of Gayming Magazine, said:

“I’m so excited for everyone to see Gayming Magazine… For too long, the LGBTQ+ community has sat on the fringe of the video games community, carving out their own niche. We want to celebrate that niche while also working with the community and with the industry to bring the two halves closer together, ensuring LGBTQ+ people feel welcome, included and represented within the gaming world they adore so much.”

– London Gamer Festival

Looking forward to seeing more representation in the video game community!

Looking forward to Twitch karaoke? Does Star Wars get you pumped? Got any more news that we should cover? Comment down below!