Betty and Veronica start a biker gang to deal with the Southside Serpents in Betty & Veronica Vixens Vol. 1.

Reggie asked Veronica if she wanted to take a ride on his motorcycle to Dead Man’s Curve.  Betty advised against this because biker gang The Serpents hang out there, but Veronica does whatever she wants.  

Betty decided to join her and when Archie walks in she discovers he has been lying to her.  It is also confirmed that Reggie and Archie are in a biker gang called The Battlin’ Boys. They ride down to Dead Man’s Curve and to a local bar.  

When Archie and Betty accidentally stumble upon a Serpents bar and in the mad dash to get out of there Archie knocks over some Serpents’ bikes.  The Serpents took this as a declaration of war. They terrorized Riverdale and The Battlin’ Boys were too scared to deal with them so Betty and Veronica started their own gang, The Vixens, to take care of The Serpents.

Betty & Veronica Vixens Vol. 1 was written by Jamie L. Rotante with art by Eva Cabrera and Elaina Unger.  Archie Comics published the volume in 2018.

Betty and Veronica Return

It’s been a while since I’ve read an Archie comic and I have really enjoyed them in the past.  Some of the Archie stuff is really different and turned out amazing.  However, this does not follow that trend.

I found this comic pretty average and uninteresting.  It may be my fault for expecting too much. A cross between Sons of Anarchy and Archie sounded amazing, but we didn’t get that.  This volume was just a bunch of girl power stuff which I don’t have a problem with, but I do have a problem with how they did it.

They get in a bar fight and beat everyone up easily.  It was unrealistic to have a couple girls beat up like 20 people.  I would how much rather seen them plan out how they were going to win this bar fight.  Everything was just too pandering to the audience and it was way too obvious.

Betty and Veronica

The art was really basic and at some points was really awful.  It looked like it was done by a middle school student at points.  For the most part the art was good and readable, but every so often I think a person filled in and drew a panel.

I found the story very cliche and predictable.  If they would have actually treated the female characters with respect and gave them some real cool things to do it would have improved the story a lot.

All the characters were diverse and had their own personalities.  If they really explored the characters and their personalities I think this could have proven to be a really amazing comic.

I didn’t hate this comic, but I did find it to be of rather average quality.  This is a shame because I was looking forward to what this comic could have brought.



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