Today at Star Wars Celebration we were finally given some details on the forth coming game Jedi: Fallen Order. The panel of game creators were light on gameplay. We know this will be an adventure based game based on combat. This suggests it could be in the same vein as Force Unleashed, but the creators suggested it will be more combat oriented. While force powers will be used, the lightsaber and physical combat.

If you are looking for specifics, there are none, but this panel focused on what will make this one great game if looks hold true. This will be a story driven game. There will be no ‘paygrades’ or other financial blockers to limit those that wish to be free to play. This will be a one-time pay, get all your content story driven game.

A Story Revealed

What the panel did focus on was exactly that – the story. The story will follow padawan Cal Kestis. Cal survived Order 66 and managed to conceal himself amongst every day people. The problem with refugees trying to remain hidden, there will come a time when they must do something, usually selfless, that exposes them and their secrets to the world. In this case the trailer suggests Cal saves a coworker from a fatal fall with the force. Unfortunately, there is a Viper probe droid over his shoulder.

Fallen Order
Image: Respawn Entertainment/EA

It should be easy enough to escape stormtroopers right? Perhaps, but not Purgetroopers! That’s right we have a new class of trooper. Basically picture a Deathtrooper on steroids with red trim not green. They also appear to favor the electrostaff. The creators actually had a version step out on stage to be marveled at. Again you see one in the trailer, and they look pretty fierce.

Brand New Baddies

But can they do it all? Of course not. If a trooper, even one trained to fight Jedi, could handle our hero, they aren’t much of a hero. When a Purgetrooper cannot handle the situation, who do they call? The Inquisitors! In the trailer we see Cal attracts the attention of an Inquisitor, Second Sister. She has a sweetly sinister design to her and looks pretty kick-ass. It should be quite a showdown. Could Cal stir the interest of someone higher?

In the trailer, Cal repeatedly talks about trusting no one. So does that mean we will adventure through this game alone? Not entirely. The game creators introduced the audience to a little droid called BD-1. The creators said this was less sidekick and more even with Cal and they were truly best friends. He appears to be a tiny pair of Macrobinoculars with AT-ST legs.

Okay these are all great things and entertaining of themselves. The great graphics of the cut scenes are beautiful of course, but what is going to make this the next great story? There are actually two things that point to some incredible story telling.

Two Promising Keys

First off, you have to care about your character. You need an actor that watchers can connect to and are willing to journey with through out the game. I was shocked when the performance capture/voice actor came out and it was none other than Cameron Monaghan!They showed the trailer before he walked out and i never connected the dots. For those that may not know, Cameron is know for playing the Valeska brothers who bore different incarnations of the Joker. Cameron not only brings out the sinister and dangerously insane sides of Joker, but he has also brought fragility, confusion and vulnerability. He has brilliant range and I have no doubt he will bring something special to this role.

Fallen Order

The second thing came by surprise during questioning during the panel. The host asked about Cal’s lightsaber, and one of the creators asked: Is it his saber? While the creators would not give any details because “the saber is wrapped in spoilers”, they said the saber would grow and change with the character throughout the game.

A Saber Wrapped in Spoilers

There were some pretty heavy hints that it belonged to someone else. In fact in the trailer, he cradles it in his hand, looking into the pit as if someone just fell. Could the owner of the saber just fallen? Also, the end is damaged. Could it have been a saberstaff previously, but cut in half at some point? The creators say this saber has a lot of story wrapped around it, so we shall see.

We know nothing of the gameplay at this point, but I’m sure we will get future trailers demonstrating play. Will it play like The Force Unleashed? Will it be like Uncharted? Could it be a game like Heavenly Sword where gameplay is cool but secondary to the story cut scenes?

Come November 15th we will be able to tell for ourselves. This holiday season promises to be very expensive indeed!