Star Wars Celebration is well underway and we are expecting big news to be released this weekend. We are hoping for footage from both Episode IX and the Mandalorian as well as getting the Episode 9 title for the final theatrical installment of the Skywakker saga (Ep. 9.).

A day ahead of schedule, a new poster leak is calling dibs on the anxiously awaited name of the December release. The title for Star Wars Ep. IX will be “STAR WARS: Will of the Force… ?” How do you think this will work for you? Os this really the 4 words we’ve been waiting for the last 4-5 months?

Here is a leaked poster revealing the assumed title….


One fan was quick to debunk the rumor and replied: “It can’t be. They can’t use the word Force twice.” But who really knows, we are just days away from an official reveal….

May the Force be with you!