At long last we have the details for the Disney+ streaming service that will be launching this fall. Disney announced all of this today at its 2019 Investor’s Day in Burbank, California.

Will the Price Be Right?

The release date for this ad free platform was announced as November 12 of this year, just in time for the holidays. Of course that then begs the biggest question – How much? $19.99 sound about right? Well we are getting everything from the Disney cartoons, live actions, classics, moderns, Marvel, Star Wars and now everything from Fox at some point. 20 bucks doesn’t sound so bad – NOPE! It’s higher?! Nope. Try lower actually. $15.99? $12.99? How about $6.99!

Monsters at work
Mike and Sully will find their way to the streaming service….

That is right. Everything the Mouse House owns will be on this platform for an extremely cheap $6.99! Its efforts to undercut Netflix by half will definitely help to pull customers in. Now whether this is a bait and switch remains to be seen. Within 2-4 years we may see them raise their prices closer to $10. But at the same time, the corporation is large enough, covering enough content that it can afford to price lower. They may not make as much, but when you have the million upon millions of households, even a few cents profit multiplies ridiculously fast. Disney CFO, Christine McCarthy plans on 60-90 million subscribers world wide by 2024.

What Will Disney+ Include?

Mandalorian Panel; disney+
‘The Mandalorian’ and Cassian Andor are coming to Disney+

When the service launches in November, look for 7,500 episodes, 25 original series, 400 movie library titles and 100 recent theatrical film releases. Again this is Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney, and Fox properties. Among the many titles will even be the never ending classic – The Simpsons! Disney is aiming for around 50 original releases every year. This will come at a price tag of roughly $1 billion to the company.

In the future Disney has talked about a possible bundle plan between Disney+, Hulu+ and ESPN+.