When DC #1000 came out, I talked about how it was a great set of stories, even if it wasn’t what I was hoping for. Near the end of the article, I talked about how the first and last stories might be lead-ins into something bigger. While the first story remains to be continued, the last story has come to fruition . . . or the beginnings of fruition at least in Detective Comics #1001.

Detective Comics #1001 Cover To Cover

There are two covers for this issue, normally the B-cover with DC comics is the super incredible cover, with this issue though, while the B-cover is an amazing Batman-style pose that would make an excellent poster, the A-cover is more important. Not only is it a great cover, but it also depicts the trouble inside the pages.

A New Age Rises

Detective Comics #1001 Preview page 1

A new enemy has risen in Gotham. Its goal? Banish the night! I love the way this issue opens and introduces us to this yet unnamed terror. The look and design of the new Medieval Bat-wannabe is incredible. It is an Azrael/Batman styled helmet and morphs into a more medieval looking armor, complete with sword and shield this new enemy looks badass.

What I really love about this issue is the set-up. This isn’t just a new villain coming after Batman or Gotham, he appears to be the leader of a cult that is devoted to his teachings, which also means tons of mindless minions to throw at our heroes. The Knights of the Sun look ready to raise havoc.

Death of Bats

Detective Comics #1001 Preview page 2

They demonstrate their hate of the dark and their fanaticism towards the light, but this is accentuated in the opening. Bats. Tons upon tons of dead bats litter the ground in Gotham, but not only in Gotham. The massacre reaches all the way back to the bat-cave. Every bat is dead and not even Bruce can figure out why.

When Bruce can’t find answers, he always has someone who can show him more, in this case, Francine Langstrom. She is involved with the Man-Bat serum and can give him answers, the problem is – that is exactly what this new Order wants from him.

The New Adversary

After riding a transformed Francine to the zoo, Batman is attacked by the Order and here is what is so fascinating. They are ready and prepared to face Batman. Their arrows can penetrate Batman’s suit. Their armor can deflect Batman’s weapons. These fanatics are ready for The Batman. They seem to know everything about him somehow.

The final page is really quite something. It not only spells out what’s to come, but this new creature appears to be on the same level as Joker or Bane. This new Knight will be a threat to the Bat, but if he is simply anti darkness, is he really a bad guy? We shall see…

Detective Comics #1001 Preview page 3