Star Wars fans went crazy when a proof of a Star Wars: Episode IX promotional poster hit the Internet late last month. Despite even Mark Hamill’s declarations to the contrary, the poster was, in fact, very much authentic. (That’s why we can only show you blurred images.) It did confirm some rumors we’ve already heard (red Stormtroopers, Rey with a repaired Skywalker lightsaber, for instance). It also raised some questions. Who is the character clad in purple? And why in the name of the Maker does Threepio have Chewie’s bowcaster? We may now have some answers.

[WARNING: Possible Spoilers Ahead]

Yes, That’s C-3PO with Chewie’s bowcaster. (Original Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

The generally reliable has reported a number of Star Wars: Episode IX rumors they heard recently. One of those centers on our favorite protocol droid. It seems our heroes will venture to a snow planet with a droid factory. There, for some unknown reason, Threepio will have his memory uploaded into Artoo. Setting aside the “funny issues for Artoo” that may result, this implies a possible reprogramming for C-3PO. That leads to Threepio… with Chewie’s bowcaster.

Threepio Goes Rebel Commando in Episode IX?  

There are other rumors in the report, namely that Keri Russell’s character “Zorii” (the Purple Power Ranger, apparently) will assist the gang in escaping from the droid factory. This is also where we’ll be introduced to BB-8’s new buddy droid, D.O. But… Threepio. With a bowcaster. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this.

C-3PO; Threepio; leaked episode ix poster
C-3PO appears in The Last Jedi. (Image: DIsney/Lucasfilm)

We know from Oscar Isaac that Threepio will have a larger role in Episode IX. For over forty years, however, “Goldenrod” has been a meek, anxious and overly cautious companion to Artoo. He’s also been a loyal droid servant to both Skywalker twins in Luke and Leia. To have a protocol droid now be reprogrammed and turned into a killing machine?

First, we already have one of those in Dr. Aphra’s 0-0-0. And this is Threepio we’re talking about. One of the biggest complaints about The Last Jedi was Rian Johnson’s treatment of Luke Skywalker. Have we learned nothing about what happens when you tinker with a beloved character’s persona?

0-0-0 is a murderous protocol droid, not Threepio. (Image: Marvel Comics)

As with any Star Wars rumor, it remains just that until Lucasfilm confirms it. Star Wars Celebration is less than a week away; perhaps we’ll learn more at the Episode IX panel. Until then, let us know your thoughts about this in the comments!