Game of Thrones Actors That Could Appear in New Star Wars Trilogy

3. Charles Dance

Image: HBO

Ever Star Wars trilogy needs an actor with an esteemed acting pedigree. Even if that character’s time is fleeting, Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without it. The original trilogy had Sir Alec Guinness. The prequels: Dooku’s Christopher Lee. Even the sequels had Max von Sydow as Lor San Tekka. This Star Wars trilogy should have Tywin Lannister, a/k/a Charles Dance.  Whether as a sage old Jedi or a manipulative Sith lord, he’d lend an air of aristocracy to any production.

2. Peter Dinklage

New Star Wars Trilogy
Image: HBO

He’s the man who plays the man who drinks wine and knows things. Tyrion Lannister went from castle outcast to reluctant hero, and hand of the Queen. Dinklage has also appeared in another, major Disney franchise. Namely he portrayed Eitri, the giant dwarf maker of god-killing weapons in Avengers: Infinity War. He could certainly act as Yoda-type Jedi mentor, although purveying slightly less boozy advice.

And what list of Game of Thrones actors to appear in a new Star Wars trilogy would be complete without….