Season 2 of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger airs it’s 2-hour premiere on Thursday, April 4th on Freeform. Today Wondercon fans got to hear some of the cast speak with the press. For most part it was your typical press junket.

One cast member, however, shared a little bit of insight on what to expect with her character for the new season. At the end of Season 1, Emma Lahana’s Detective Brigid O’Reilly had been shot. In a very interesting end credit scene, we learned that she would in fact become her comic book villain persona, Mayhem.

Cloak & Dagger

A lot of TV spots recently have been showing off Mayhem and what the character is capable of doing. Mayhem truly is a different persona than O’Reilly. Lahana admitted that her character is picking up Season 2 carrying the emotional baggage of just becoming a shooting victim.

Cloak & Dagger’s Emma Lahana Talks Mayhem

Lahana also mentioned one way in which Mayhem isn’t like O’Reilly at all. Namely, in the sense of waiting to take action. Mayhem is going to be the character that will take action immediately, much more decisively.

Cloak & Dagger

Lahana also mentioned that by the end of Episode 3 we will really see Mayhem for who she is. The trailer that was released back in February had shown Mayhem trying to convince Tandy to join her. So if she’s capable of that, she is capable of doing anything without people getting in her way.

It’s really interesting to see how different Mayhem is going to be. Mayhem will certainly be an interesting character for Season 2. It also looks like the character will be a key part of the season as well.