Yesterday the Internet was buzzing with Star Wars news. Between what purported to be a leaked Episode IX poster, and leaked character images, fan discussion was at its highest point in months. Today we’ll break down the alleged promotional poster, and what it may mean for Star Wars: Episode IX.

Let’s first talk about the poster’s legitimacy. While many Star Wars fans thought the leaked Episode IX poster to be a fake, it turns out that it is very much real. How do we know this? Let’s just say that we have it on good authority that Disney was not pleased to learn of the leak. Now knowing that it does appear to be authentic, what does it tell us? For starters, as expected, Rey and Kylo Ren will be central to the final installment of the Skywalker Saga.

leaked Episode IX Poster

Both feature, prominently centered, on the leaked Episode IX poster. Rey is clad in all white, wearing a mash-up of her usual attire and Jedi garb. You can see it better in the leaked character images here:

Leaked Episode IX Images
Lando, Rey, and FInn as they’ll appear in Star Wars: Episode IX

Ren, on the other hand, is again wearing his mask. He has seemingly repaired it with a red bonding agent as previous rumors suggested. Look to these two to clash by the film’s end. The poster provides a wealth of more insight than confirming the majority of characters we already knew would appear, however.