At this point it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re not going to see the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer until the Ep. IX panel at Star Wars Celebration. (Warning: if you have hopes of attending the panel, read THIS first.) To some extent, the fact that we haven’t seen any footage yet is understandable. JJ Abrams has an enormous burden on his shoulders when it comes to the final installment of the Skywalker saga.  With all the backlash to The Last Jedi, even the trailer for Episode IX is going to have to be near-perfect. We know when we can expect to see it, but what can we anticipate when it comes to the first trailer?

Episode IX Trailer: Expect Nostalgia

There is no question that the first Episode IX trailer is likely going to be filled with nostalgia. This film represents the culmination of over forty years of Star Wars storytelling. Don’t forget, Billy Dee Williams is returning as Lando Calrissian, and there will be significant use of previously unseen Carrie Fisher footage in Episode IX.

Episode IX trailer
You old smoothie. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Expect to see glimpses of both characters in the trailer. Likewise, if rumors are true Leia’s old ship, the Tantive IV, may be making an appearance as well. Abrams may have said he’s not making any “course corrections”, but I doubt that. The first Episode IX trailer is going to have to tie back to the original trilogy if it’s going to have the impact the studio desires.