Episode 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers premiered this past weekend. In it we finally get our introduction to the Beast Bots. making the reveal even better was the revelation that someone a veteran of multiple Power Rangers seasons is back again as the voice of Cruise.

Kelson Henderson is now starring in his 6th Power Rangers season. The 5 other seasons he was on include:

  • Boom – Power Rangers S.P.D. – 2005
  • Phineas – Power Rangers Mystic Force – 2006
  • Norg – Power Rangers Operation Overdrive – 2007
  • Flit – Power Rangers Jungle Fury – 2008
  • Mick – Power Rangers Ninja Steel – 2017-2018

It is amazing that Kelson is in another PR season, and has become a staple in the Ranger fandom.

Source: Power Rangers NOW