Finally! With Naomi #3 we finally are given views behind several masks, just… not Naomi. While we may still be blind to our main hero, the glimpses we get to those around her are hinting at a rather large backstory yet to be revealed.

Naomi #3

Have you ever done something like walk into a room, see sad faces and ask if someone had died? And then find out someone had died? That is essentially what we get with Naomi and Dee at the start of this Naomi #3. Naomi is pissed! She wants answers that Dee has and won’t stop to consider what Dee might have actually gone through. She demands answers over and over again until Dee breaks, and once he does, she wishes she hadn’t.

NAmoi #3: Secrets of Dee

Naomi #3

Dee has always looked like a super villain or warrior of some type. We were correct. Apparently, Dee is a Thanagarian, the same race as Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Not only that, he is a huge softy. He meets a girl and they decide they want out of the war. The problem is that escape from said war costs him his beloved’s life and they are torn apart.

Naomi begins back pedaling profusely. The problem is here comes masked person #2 – her step mom! Quiet, peaceful mom goes Bat-sh*t crazy, smashing a table near Dee, yelling at the top of her lungs and then slapping Dee across the face. The rage in her face stuns Naomi. She does not know this person.

Fury of Mom

Thus commences “The Drive”. Mom is now beating herself up, and dad is talking about showing Naomi something. The problem is that he will not say anything to give any details, which frightens Naomi even more. The walk off into the woods with just dad and Naomi feels more like a death sentence.

After going deep into a cave, the final mask comes off. We finally get some insight into who Naomi’s step father may be. Not only do we get a hint as to his origin, but he explains how this is just the beginning!