The Star Wars fan films are piling up in anticipation of Celebration. One film we recently enjoyed, an origin story from Escape Velocity Content, really grabbed our attention. ‘Birth Of A Monster‘ looks and feels like a legitimate Lucasfilm project and pays tribute to a couple of important characters from Return Of The Jedi.

So if you have 20 minutes to spare in your day, kick back and enjoy this well done Star Wars origin story. Bravo Escape Velocity, we here at That Hashtag Show give you an official 5 out of 5 Deathstars. May the Force be with you, always.

“Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story” is a not for profit STAR WARS short film produced by Escape Velocity Content, LLC. Themes, characters, music, etc. found within the film and its visuals are the property of Lucasfilm LTD, LLC & Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company).

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