Power Rangers continuity has always been shakey. Not knowing if one seasons actions will affect another’s, if the season prior directly affects the season after, or does the season take place in an entirely new dimension. This is usually due to what production is capable of and whatever happened in the Japanese footage they are adapting from. This brings an important question. Should continuity matter in Power Rangers? The answer is yes and no.

Keeping continuity in Power Rangers is important it shows a long history and how much the show has grown, but this can create issues when trying to create new concepts. Power Rangers having a long history with pre-made rules of their world and complicated history of events that when creating a new season makes it hard to find their place to fit without ignoring one seasons events. Some seasons found a way to create new worlds with new concepts that can exist without treading over the past. Seasons like RPM and Dino Charge being set in different dimensions was a perfect way to create new seasons.

The last few years of Power Rangers really enforced the ideas of alternate dimensions and each world being aware of the others and are able to travel amongst each other. Using these concepts you open the possibilities of what Power Rangers can be without being shackled down by what had came before. This also creates a believable reason to why past Rangers don’t return as often since in Dimensions In Danger stated they should only travel in times of crisis because it messes with the morphin grid. Not every season should take place in an alternate dimension if they can find their place in the already established worlds. Beast Morphers In there first episode managed to respect what came before and leave room to grow and make it their own.

Power Rangers should never throw out their continuity, but shouldn’t let it control or take away from the current story. New dimensions is a very simple solution to certain continuity issues. Staying in the main world is fine as long as they can find new ways to tell a unique and fun story, but still having it fit in the world at large. What do you think about Power Rangers continuity. Should we throw it out or keep it leave a comment below of what you think.