The box office is finally starting to show signs of life. We have a couple of big films battling at the box office with some even bigger titles yet to come. This week’s big question was could the Dragons hold off an old lady and a funeral. The answer is:

#1 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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The Dragons did manage to hold off the competition, hauling in $30 million. Dragons only dropped 45% in its second week, which is very good if not expected. It is doing better than its previous titles, but look for the numbers to drop big time next week. Already Dragons sits at a world wide total of $277 million in just two weeks.

#2 A Madea Family Funeral

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Madea fought for a close second place bringing in $27 million in its opening weekend. This could be the last film in the franchise, and it opened as the fourth largest of the franchise. Despite criticisms Rotten Tomatoes is pretty unanimous at a 22% from critics and 34% from the audiences. Look for this to drop fast in the following weeks.

#3 Alita: Battle Angel

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While in a very distant third place, Alita held strong to the number three spot bringing in $7 million. In its third week Alita dropped 700 screens and only dropped 43%. The film still struggles domestically only bringing in $72 million on a $170 million budget. HOWEVER! Thanks to China, the foreign total is at $278 million for a global total of $350.4 million. A sequel may be in the works thanks to China and the foreign box office.

#4 Lego Movie 2

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The Lego sequel brought in $6.6 million. As you can see, outside of the top two movies, the box office is dropping rapidly. If you want an odd comparison, Lego 2 has made $91.6 million domestically and $61 million for a total of $152 million compared to Alita’s $350 million, yet Alita is the flop.

#5 Green Book

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And finally in a very distant and meaningless 5th place is Green Book with $4.7 million. While it is technically in its 16th week, not all of it has been in wide release. Then again, it just added 1400 new screens and only made $4.7 million. Typical Oscar movie for ya.


Next week we really only have one movie, but that is okay because there really isn’t room for another one. Captain Marvel is not only tracking big, but it will most likely be the year’s first triple digit opener. It looks to open north of $150 million, possibly as high as $160 million. If Brie Larson can shut her yap long enough to quit pissing fans off, it should do well.

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