Power Rangers Beast Morphers has premiered, and to the delight of the fans, it was a really great episode. And a lot of great moments as well.

The episode open ups with Devon and Blaze having a practice fight, with everyone looking on. What’s interesting is this scene was very reminiscent of many MMPR episodes. We then get to see Devon and his dad having a moment in the car on their way over to Grid Battleforce.

We then cut to Devon and his dad arriving the Grid Battleforce Headquarters, and we get to see the interworkings of where the Rangers get created. We then see the Gris Commander, and she gives Mayor Daniels a tour of the facility. An interesting moment from that sequence is that the Mayor knows of the last 25 years of Power Rangers history.

Right after that, we see that Ravi, Roxy, and Blaze are the 3 people who are going to be the next Rangers. The Morph-X is then hacked by Evox, and he ends up using it to get our evil clones of Blaze and Roxy created.

We then see Blaze and Roxy fighting with Devon, Zoey, and Ravi. From that, the Morph-X is activated, and we get out Power Rangers. The Rangers then get help from Nate to send Blaze and Roxy off to another generation.

Finally, we see that Commander Shaw recruits Devon and Zoey to join the Power Rangers. Now, the episode has a lot of callbacks to many of the old PR seasons, but it was still a pretty descent episode, probably better then Ninja Steel or Super Ninja Steel.

Score: 4/5