Almost as long as there has been Star Wars, there has been talk of Star Wars mash-ups and crossovers with other genres and franchises. Achieving that feat, however, is no simple task. There are those franchises that would just be too difficult to combine with the technology, and mysticism, of Star Wars. Then again, such a crossover might be fun. Today we’ll take a look at five possible Star Wars crossovers that fans might like to see.

Star Wars Crossovers #5:  Star Wars and… Deadpool

Star Wars Crossovers

Okay, so this is one of those far-fetched scenarios that could never happen. Notwithstanding, wouldn’t you just love to see Kylo Ren try to interrogate Deadpool? Ren is petulant and whiny as it is. Deadpool’s sarcasm and wit would push the Sith acolyte right over the edge. And when he slices the “merc with a mouth” in two to silence him? Well, if you saw Deadpool 2, you know what happens. This may not be the most probable of Star Wars crossovers, but it would be amusing.

#4: Star Wars and Game of Thrones

Star Wars Crossovers

The Night’s Watch of Game of Thrones is already analogous to the Jedi Order. Its members are sworn to the protection of the kingdoms, they have taken vows of dedication and celibacy, and they will die for their cause. Why not give the final season of Game of Thrones some lightsabers? Imagine the epic lightsaber battle between the Night’s Watch and a horde of White Walkers. Throw in some actual Jedi from Star Wars for the good guys, and a few Rancors instead of giants for the White Walkers, and this could top any list of Star Wars crossovers.

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