Discovery Season 3 Announcement

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is a go!! Eat that haters. Ever since Star Trek: Discovery revealed the main character would be a female P.O.C., a vocal minority have been lambasting the show as “SJW bullshit” pushing a feminist agenda while minimizing the contribution of straight white males and destroying ‘canon’. Anyone who watches the show, knows this to be patently untrue. It is true that the main character is a black female, it is true that one of the main relationships is between two men of different races, and it is also true, that the show embraces the diversity of its cast. While on a superficial level, I can understand the displeasure of the visual updates the show has received, I’m perfectly happy with everything the show has done. . . and it would seem, the quiet majority feels the same.

While the renewal of Star Trek: Discovery will realistically do nothing to quiet those angry voices, it proves that the show is doing something right and has won over enough of an audience to justify a third season. When the third season goes into production, Michelle Paradise who joined the show in 2018 as a Writer/Executive Producer will be joining Alex Kurtzman as Co-Showrunner.

Season 3 Premiere

Of course, it’s still too early for CBS to have revealed either a premiere date for Season 3 or even a date for the start of production. We can assume based on the 2 previous seasons that production will start sometime in the next 4 – 5 months and will premiere 6 – 10 months after that. It’s also entirely possible they could choose to move up the production schedule to maintain a December/January release.

Captain Pike on the bridge of the USS Discovery

We’re currently about halfway through Season 2, with episode 7 dropping on 2/28. Season 2 has seen the introduction of the Enterprise under the command of Captain Pike, who has now also taken temporary command of the Discovery following the events of Season 1. With the introduction of Spock this season, maybe we’ll get to see a bit of Sybok in Season 3? Since a lot of complaints were about why Spock never mentioned Michael, maybe we’ll get to see another relative he never mentioned until they showed up.

Star Trek V - Sybok In Commend

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