Originally reported by Revenge of the Fans, Armie Hammer was supposedly in talks to portray Batman in Matt Reeves’ 2021 The Batman movie. Reports were debunked soon after. Umberto Gonazalez of The Wrap says that he was told by his sources that the studio intends to go younger than Armie Hammer’s age of 32.

Scooper Borys Kit has added that he was told there has not even been any actor meetings for The Batman, which is usually an indicator that WB and Matt Reeves do not know who they have in mind for the role.

In any case it might be a little while before we get any news on that front as The Batman isn’t even scheduled to be released until June 25, 2021. Still plenty of time to find the right fit for the part. There is still a possibility to bring Ben Affleck back later in the current timeline but time will tell.