Wonder Twins is the third of the new Wonder Comics titles meant for younger readers. The cool thing is that this title draws from past characters that have rarely been seen outside the 80’s cartoons in the Wonder Twins.

First off they look like Spock’s relatives from Star Trek. They have both have short cropped hair styles and pointy ears with outfits that look like a superman logo was slapped on a starfleet uniform.

The School Life

We catch up to Jayna as she gives the morning announcements at school. This may not have been so bad if she wasn’t eulogizing a dead squirrel. We then jump to Zan talking about his home world on heritage day. This would be pretty boring except he starts talking about the mating habits of his people during thunderstorms. The bodily fluids thing takes it a bit too far for the teacher, but I though it pretty hilarious.

Enter the Justice League

School gets out and they head to “work” – AKA the Hall of Justice. Inside Superman explains that the twins were brought to Earth for protection as a favor to their father. When Superman explains their powers, he is met with empty stares from both Wonder Woman and Batman.

Superman gives the twins a tour of the Hall. I laughed when Hawkman calls out the found a body and Zan’s response is that its a good thing and shrieks Congratulations. The problem is that the energy traces point towards Mxyzptpk. The League scrambles leaving the twins behind where they befriend the computer.

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

It isnt until the next day when the twins want to race to school that were finally see them use their powers. Zan turns into water and goes into the sewer while Jayna transforms into a dove and flies there.

At track practice a thunderstorm moves in and Zan undergoes “puberty” as it were by experiencing his first case of Thunderlust. Zan is teased and mocked by the other school kids.

Back at Justice Hall, the superheroes attempt to help Zan deal with what happened by telling their embarrassing stories from when they were kids. If you need any evidence at the target audience for this comic go no further than Batman not only having but TELLING an embarrassing story.

He was that easy To Beat?

Alone at the computer station the twins are talking when Mxyzptlk transports into the room. Jayna asks who the hell he is. He replies with Mxyzptlk. It’s no biggie since he has to say his name the other direction. However, Jayna simply asks the computer to replay his answer backwards. Since it was in his voice it apparently worked and banished him back to his dimension.

Jayna sneers the question asking was that who the JLA was afraid of. One up. One down. Piece of cake.

Can the Twins Hold Up?

This comic has yet a different tone that Young Justice and Naomi. This is good because it is not copying the others, but it also lacks the strengths of the other two titles. Young Justice can play off of the team factor and the known characters. Naomi is foreshadowing a serious tie in with Superman and an inner knowledge of something big coming down the road.

The wonder twins have the Justice League but cartoonish versions only so far. The twins have powers, but so far they have only played with these powers, and they are less than stellar to begin with. The title does a good job addressing the “puberty” thing and being made fun of at school, but even that was quick.

This is a fun little comic. It is just that it lacks what the other two so far have going for them. They are going to need to find a way for this one to connect with reader and stand out. Otherwise it will merely be – cute.