Alright fans. If you tuned in to Star Wars Fanatics last night, you got to hear about leaked concept photos for Star Wars: Episode IX. While the photos confirmed a bunch of rumors (including one about Richard E. Grant’s character), they also led to some interesting questions. The biggest among them? Which characters do you think will survive Episode IX?

survive Episode IX
Who of this bunch do you think will survive Episode IX? (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Examining the sequel trilogy thus far, we’ve already lost two of the “big three” original trilogy characters. Kylo Ren murdered Han Solo. Luke, as we know, succumbed to the Force after his astral projection effort to allow the Resistance to escape. Leia? The character survived, but sadly Carrie Fisher passed just over two years ago. Thus Leia’s fate seems inevitable. On the following pages we’ll lay odds on whether some of the other Star Wars characters will survive Episode IX.