In almost every Walmart, there is an isle after the cashier’s stands that houses Pokemon merch, Mash’em toys, Magic/baseball cards, and now DC comics. These comics are (partly) written by some of DC’s top talent and have been very popular since they started selling them in July.  Until now.

Last week, 100-Page Giant Superman #7 dropped in Walmart’s across America and in the first 12 pages, Lois Lane is killed 14 times in a story called “The Thousand Deaths of Lois Lane”. 

The story revolves around Superman, while trying to track down a missing child, being caught up in an extraterrestrial bureaucracy of waiting rooms and cubicle windows… like an alien DMV. While he’s wasting his time, his mind wonders and worries about all the horrific things that might be happening to Lois back on Earth when he isn’t there to save her.

In the story, Clark imagines Lois perishing at the hands of Lex Luthor, Joker, a plane crash, sharks, giant robots, monsters, burned at the stake, falling from a helicopter, and six other means he isn’t there to stop.

It is, without question, the best Superman comic currently out. That’s right, the best superman story on the market can be found at Walmart.  I don’t think the best anything has ever been found at Walmart (except DEALS!!!  Am I right, people!?!?!) 

Tom King’s writing, as always, takes these iconic heroes and makes them relatable and real, while telling compelling stories. But the real question is – Is this story appropriate for any kid with $5 to purchase?

Many have taken to twitter to complain at DC and Tom King.

This, in turn, has caused a run on the issue. The comic has sold out far faster then usual and people have even taken to eBay, selling it for 6 times the cover price, declaring it already recalled.

Thus far, DC and Walmart have not commented on the controversy and as the issues are sold it- it seems as though they will just simply not order a second run.