We knew from the beginning of The Force Awakens that the First Order wanted Luke Skywalker dead. As the last remaining Jedi, he posed a threat to Supreme Leader Snoke. That wasn’t always the case, however. In fact, the two actually met and communicated on a friendly basis long before the events of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Yes, that’s right. Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke met decades after Return of the Jedi. How, and the substance of their conversations, is revealed in The Last Jedi’s novelization. Watch the video below to learn details about their meeting and the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke!

Luke Skywalker Meets Supreme Leader Snoke  

So what do you think, Star Wars fans? Was Snoke simply seeking information about Skywalker in those conversations to use later? Did he plan on killing Luke all along or was there a genuine admiration at first? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Stupendous Wave