James Gunn directing a sequel franchise film about a group of criminals who band together to go on heroic missions? Admittedly, the setup is awfully familiar but it’s what makes James Gun too good for Warner Bros. to pass up.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that former Guardians Of The Galaxy writer/director James Gunn is “in talks” to helm the next Suicide Squad film. Gunn was already tapped to write the film’s script but his track record with superhero ensemble films is what makes him the logical choice to take on this relaunch.

The film is called The Suicide Squad and is not a sequel but a relaunch with an almost all-new cast. It is a fair bet that Warner Bros. will retain Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot but no confirmations have been made as of yet.

Gunn was dismissed in July 2018 by Disney/Marvel from directing Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 after old controversial tweets resurfaced.

However, Gunn’s influence within the superhero genre is undeniable after he turned deep-cut obscurities like Rocket Raccoon and Groot into household names. Not to mention, both Gunn and the first Suicide Squad film share a penchant for 70s and 80s pop songs.

The Suicide Squad is slated for an August 2021 release.