Back in 2009, in a time before Instagram, 2 friends, Tasha and Ren formed a cosplay group called the Spiral Cats. Located in South Korea, they caught a wave popularity propelled by the rise of eSports in the gaming crazed country. As their popularity increased, so did the complexity of their cosplays. As the group’s leader, Tasha (known online as Tasha Cosplay) made a point of being extravagant, beautiful and extremely detailed. We’ve collected some images of our favorite Tasha cosplays, enjoy!

Gaming companies and events would pay large sums of money to have the Spiral Cats appear as attractions to promote attendance.
Trailblazers in the cosplay world, Tasha and the Spiral Cats set the standards for today’s cosplay models.
Fans would line up for hours to take pictures with these amazing characters brought to life.
With their drawing power, it is speculated that the Spiral Cats are the highest paid cosplayers in history with Tasha in the lead.