Netflix continues to release a wide variety of original projects. Among them are a widening base of movies based on comic books. Their latest trailer is for The Umbrella Academy, a comic series from Dark Horse Comics, created by Gerard Way.

What Is the Umbrella Academy?

The story is supposedly set in 1977, but in a world where John F Kennedy was never assassinated. The story centers on Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a man who collects six children that were supposedly “immaculately” conceived. While their origins are unknown, these six were supposedly the last of a large group of children born to mothers without fathers.

Regardless of where these children came from, they are special. Each has super powers and abilities similar to the X-Men. The difference is when their Professor dies, the kids revert to their own ways. The Umbrella Academy appears to be an eclectic mix of X-Men, Watchmen, Modern Family on drugs, and a bit of Addams Family thrown in for good measure.

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Here comes the kicker: one of the children ventured into the future and discovered they have eight days to save the world from ending. The kids of The Umbrella Academy must join together to use their individual powers, abilities and personalities to fight whoever is trying to stop them from saving the world.

Uniquely Brilliant or Catastrophe

I love the use of the Bangles’ hit, Hazy Shades of Winter, as thee background music during the fighting and explosions at the end of the trailer. Between that, the set, and the costumes, this show has a very unique feel to it. This may be one of those series that if it can go absurd enough and crazy enough may be a huge success. Otherwise, it will crash into the depths of pathetic failure.

The cast looks very solid. The most familiar face to most is probably Ellen Page, who played Kitty Pride in the X-Men films. However, it also stars singer Mary J Bilge, Aiden Gallagher from Modern Family, and Tom Hopper from Game of Thrones and Merlin.

The Umbrella Academy comes to Netflix February 15th. Stay tuned here at That Hashtag Show for more information as we get closer.