Kingdom Hearts is releasing in just a few weeks, and the Disney Ambassador Hotel at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort are gearing up to offer Kingdom Hearts inspired hotel rooms.

These rooms will be available at the hotel from March 26th through June 30th. The rooms will be filled with artwork from the Kingdom Hearts video games.

The artwork on the headboards are inspired by Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and will invite guests to the world of sleep and dreams.

Above the TV stand, there is going to be a number of art pieces from the game displayed almost as a gallery. Art from both Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Remix can be found there.

The rooms key are definitely a unique touch, being that they are designed look like Sora’s iconic Keyblade from the series. They will be 7 inches in length, and each room will be getting 2 of these keys, along with 2 commemorative key boxes.

In addition, guests will also receive a set of Kingdom Hearts postcards as a special gift. Each room is given 2 different designs, and there are 4 designs in total.

Not only is Disney revamping the new themed hotel rooms, the Hyperion Lounge and Tic Tac Diner will also be having a special themed dining menu for the new game from March 26th-June 13th, but no details for that have been released yet.

Each room will accommodate 3 adults, with 2 regular beds, and a trundle bed. The rooms are priced at around $425, and you can book them at

If you are a fan of Kindom Hearts, or Disney, and were planning a trip to Tokyo, you should definitely look into getting your rooms reserved sooner rather than later, as they are planning to go quickly.

Source: Attractions Magazine