According to PWInsider, Dolph Ziggler’s run in WWE could be coming to an end.

Besides removing the name “Dolph Ziggler” from all of his social media accounts, Dolph hinted at leaving the WWE during his appearance on Edge & Christian’s podcast. Although sources for PWInsider claim he won’t be done with the company until the first of February, but others say he’s flat out not leaving the company at all.

Ziggler announced an upcoming comedy tour, so he could just be taking time off for those reasons. He last appeared on television in a losing effort to former tag team partner Drew McIntyre at the end of 2018.

The timing of these rumors, much like The Revival and Mike & Maria Kanellis, seem to come coincidentally on the heels of the All Elite Wrestling rally. WWE wrestlers who have seemingly been unhappy for a while finally have another place they could call home, where they could possibly get more exposure (depending on that rumored television deal).

Dolph Ziggler, in my opinion, has needed to leave WWE for a while now. He is extremely talented, and could give any company he decides to call his home a much needed star boost. It would be unfortunate for professional wrestling to lose him, but it would be completely understandable.

It seems that ever since his victory at the 2014 Survivor Series, he’s just been in a whole bunch of start-and-stop feuds. A change of scenery would be the best choice for him, and 2019 seems as good of a time as ever for “The Showoff” to take his talents elsewhere.