John Boyega has created yet another stir with yet another cryptic social media message. Previously Boyega hinted that his character Finn would once again wield a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode IX. This time he suggests that the film will feature something “visually crazy.”

In an Instagram post depicting his dirty and blood-dotted hands, the Star Wars actor noted that he’s had plenty of moments of shock while on set. None, however, measure up to whatever happened on set a couple of days ago. You can see the Boyega Instagram post here:

Boyega getting his hands dirty is encouraging for Finn. Because let’s face it; Finn has been a relatively pointless character in the sequel trilogy thus far. It’s about time he finally steps up and does something useful.

Will John Boyega (Finn) Finally Get to Matter?

Finn’s major, and some would argue only, contribution to the Star Wars sequel trilogy. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Sure, sure, Finn aided Poe Dameron in escaping from the First Order. But beyond that, what has the character really done? Finn was a deserter to begin with. He was in the process of running again when the First Order came to Takodana. Okay, Finn went to Starkiller Base, but honestly there was nothing he added there that Han and Chewie couldn’t have figured out. He fell to Kylo Ren, thus proving unable to protect Rey, too. Consequently, Boyega hasn’t had much with which to work when it comes to his character. (Honestly, Boyega has created more interest in Star Wars than his character. As far back as May Boyega’s social media postings were all the talk.)

Finn’s going to do something that matters! Wait… never mind. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Even in The Last Jedi, Finn was again going to flee. Only Rose and her Taser stopped him from running away. And the excursion to Canto Bight? That was completely pointless and a non-factor in the Resistance’s efforts to flee the pursuing First Order. And then, the only time Finn was actually about to do something productive, Rose stops him. Despite his social media suggestions, one wonders if Episode IX will be any different for Finn. (Even Carrie Fisher, deceased, seems poised to have a bigger role.) If I was John Boyega, I’d be demanding something better for my character in the final film.  

Here’s hoping Boyega finally gets an opportunity to showcase his character as something other than a distraction in Episode IX. If he’s part of some “visually crazy” scene, then perhaps he does get that chance, after all.

Star Wars: Episode IX comes to theaters December 20 of this year.