#3 Could Tommy be a Clone?

While Tommy might be one of the most beloved Rangers in the legacy, it just doesn’t add up. How did the possibly the worst student of the Original team of Rangers get his Ph.D. in paleontology? not only that, how did he do it in the amount of time that he did since his last appearance in Power Rangers Wild Force? Fans believe that this is “Tom” the clone that was created by the Wizard of Deception. Once beaten he was thrown back in time to stay in Colonial Angel Grove, So its possible that he may have taken his own path and returned as Dr. Oliver.

#2 Zordon is pure evil

Mentor to the Rangers and an intergalactic being trapped in a time warp. This is what we’ve been told for years, ignore the fact that Zordon clearly orders Alpha 5 to recruit a bunch teenagers with the famous saying “teenagers with attitude”. You know how that can be translated, “Find me some children and turn them into child soldiers”. Was he really battling the forces of evil or did he have a more sinister agenda?