It’s been twenty-five years since Zordon recruited the first team of Rangers to defend the world from the evil witch Rita Repulsa. Yet there are still details in the Power Rangers universe that are left unexplained. the Ranger community finds a way to make some sort of sense of this complex universe. So I thought I would count down some of the top five best fan theories that the Ranger community has to offer. 

#5 Megaforce Was Just a Simulation 

Think about it, what if Megaforce never happened? A team capable of morphing into any past Ranger team. Everything ending in a huge war with the Megaforce team being joined by the past Rangers, that doesn’t that seem a little weird to you? Well, that’s exactly what Cestro the host of the Onyx Tavern theorizes. This theory does make some sense as it does explain a lot of the inconsistencies with past continuity in the series. I highly recommend checking out this theory on his YouTube channel if you haven’t. 

#4 The Delgado Family Lineage

While Power Rangers Wild Force is only 3 years older then Power Rangers SPD, the main series itself was based in the year 2025. We meet a character named Z a former street thief turned Ranger. However, Z shares her last name Delgado with former Wild Force Black Ranger Danny Delgado. Danny does spend time trying to be with Kendall, maybe he won her over and they tied the knot and had a baby girl. A baby girl who would later grow up to carry on the Ranger legacy. Even if she didn’t inherit her dad’s color.