I was excited when the news broke that Young Justice would finally receive the follow up seasons it so richly deserved after being unfairly cancelled by Cartoon Network after only two seasons. I was very intrigued when I found out they would be getting their own comic as well, and here we are – Young Justice #1!

Wonder Comics

Under the new Wonder comics banner, Young Justice is the first in a line of comics meant for younger readers. It will also include Wonder Twins, Dial H For Hero, and Naomi. This may be written for younger readers, but it doesn’t feel that way. I suppose the difference would be more obvious when compared to an equivalent title such as Titans. Two similar teams, but where Titans goes dark and moody as the team struggles to hold things together, Young Justice is very fast paced and jovial.

Young Justice Form Up

To be honest, the first few pages confused me. A shattered world where a man complains to his master about how Earth was responsible for their world’s destruction. Seven times Earth has gone through a crisis. Every time it affects “touching worlds”. It took some research to figure out what was going on, but let’s just say Earth is in trouble and Lord Opal will be explained in future issues.

Let the Introductions Begin

We start the Earth side of this issue on the heels of Ginny Hex in Metropolis. Again, I figured she was related to Jonah Hex because of the get-up, but I’m still lost. Ginny gets into some trouble with a cop. She tries to talk her way out of it, but then reality tears open and in come the invaders. Gemworld and Lord Opal look none too happy.

Ginny’s shotgun has little effect, and she is in trouble. Who should then make a heroic entrance? Tim Drake (aka-Robin)! I love how they bring each of the members in through out the issue one at a time and use itt to highlight each of them.

After Robin kicks some ass, we get a quick back step to a few minutes previous to Robin’s grand entrance. Tim meets Cassie (aka-Wonder Girl) on the streets. They enjoy catching up, but the the explosions start. Where Drake is gung-ho to join the fight, Cassie refuses. Something is wrong with her, but we are not told what.

We jump back into the fight and Robin is kicking butt once more, but is losing ground and being overwhelmed. Who comes in next but Impulse (aka Kid Flash, aka Bart Allen). The only thing faster than his speed force is his mouth. His wit outdoes even his brain as he zooms around yapping off at the mouth faster than he thinks. Bart essentially has a subtle version of Deadpool’s “break the fourth wall” quips. He also seems like another copy of Beast Boy with his sense of humor.

No sooner do Ginny and Robin get pinned down, then Cassie embraces her Amazon powers and joins the fight. After she gets punched by the invader’s leader, she finds herself being caught by a giant green glove – enter Teen Lantern!

Impulse Calls It!

Over the next few panels, Bart goes crazy yelling out it’s starting! Its happening! The entire team is is confused by his ramblings until we get a two page fantastic lay out with Bart screaming: “Young Justice is back!!!” Each of the members responds in their own way as Bart continues to ramble.

The invaders retreat. They came to find Superman, but instead warp out because of Young Justice. The portal energies hit the team and it’s unclear what exactly happens.

Not Quite Done Yet

Robin wakes in a weird place, unsure of where he is. Then a purple energy sword is laid across his throat and we are introduced to Amethyst. I have never run across her before, but she looks pretty bad ass!

Bart wakes up in his own hole. When he speeds his way out of the hole, he comes face to face with the final, missing piece of the team – Superboy! The team is complete.

I love the humor in this comic and the team had a natural chemistry that implied a past. This issue did a great job of bringing in every character, one at a time, and giving them just enough time to show their powers and their attitudes. I can’t wait to see where this team goes.


Normally, I like to talk about all the covers early in the article, But there are so many alt covers that i had to put them down here. Pick your favorite and enjoy!