Here we are 6 issues after the massive Shattered Grid arc. After 25 years we get another jaw dropping NEW CHARACTER

Rita Repulsa’s Mom

No pictures have been released yet but this will be interesting, to say the least. Will she look more human or more like her son Rito? Was she ruling the M51 Galaxy with Master Vile? Or was she a pain in the ass wife like Rita and sent to rule her own galaxy? Mind you these are all speculations.

We will also get to see the OG Alpha 1, yep the one that started it all. If there is Alpha is there a Beta or Gamma series too? What was his original design? did he always have a flying saucer-shaped forehead?

The Issue hit your LCS in March with 3 variant covers

(cause every power rangers comic book needs variants galore :/)

Variant #1: Goldar with Weapon
Variant #2: A Plethora of Putties
Variant #3: 3 Rangers, an homage to 3 Ninjas