Well, Paladins, we’ve come to the end of the journey. Voltron Legendary defender has come to an end. Two and a half years ago we blasted off into space with a blue lion and nows its all come full circle.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the Original Voltron have the fondest memories of a grandiose space adventure, but looking back and watching them again as an adult, man that show was lame! Dreamworks did this franchise justice and gave us the epic adventure that we all fell in love with as kids and all over again as adults.


First and foremost I’ll get my tiniest of rants out 13 episodes to finish this show and of them, we got 2 filler episodes! I call massive shenanigans! Yes, there were some plot points during them but of those 46 mins (the 2 episodes combined) a total of 4 minutes was used to really push the overall story! The gravity of the situation has shifted from a save our worlds to saving all reality and with the masterful writing brings it hard. Not only was it the writing but the beautifully voiced cast brought heart to and depth to their characters. Cree Summer’s portrayal of the Witch Haggar/Hornerva was fantastic she was a mother and wife willing to do whatever it takes to have what she wanted after all those millennia.

In the aftermath of the attack on Earth, the Paladins and the IGF Atlas are talking the fight to Honerva. Shiro and the rest of the paladins get new uniforms for on the ship, much like the rest of the crews but each other them get their respective colors on the shoulders.  Also, we get a great nod to the original series cause it’s being used as a NEW animated series in the show! Of course, Pidge and Lance take full advantage of the situation.

Hornerva has brought back some “form” of Prince Lotor and has plans to brainwash the remaining Alteans into her new disciples going on kamikaze missions in there new “Robeast Mechs” as she plans on ripping thru realities till she can find one with both her son and husband so she can have the life she wants. Not only do we get to go thru realities of the universe but of the mind this time. In the two-parter “Knights of Light,” the team travels inside Hornervas mind. Wrought with defenses and horrors the paladins find, the original paladins from 10000 years ago! Their souls trapped inside being manipulated as her twisted “mind firewall.” As the teams get deeper into her mind we even find the soul or memory of the original black paladin Zarkon. The first paladins reassure the current team that they are strong and the Lions have chosen wisely. Finally, upon breaking all the seals, we find that buried deep in her mind are the memories of a woman, a woman who wants to have a family but after all these years will do anything to have it.

As we get closer to the final battle it takes place at the coordinates of Altea, Honerva in her own BAMF mech merges with the Lotor Mech to make a reality tearing mech so large that it is a match for even the Atlas in robot form. After the Galra come to help and try to stop the hole in reality, we finally get it…


White Lion Voltron

Longtime diehard Voltron fans have theorized that there was a 6th lion, kind of like Power Rangers, we know from the source material GoLion there wasn’t but King Alfor always showed himself as a white lion in the original 1984 series. We WON’T even talk about the 3rd Dimension. But in the last series of Voltron Force prior to Legendary Defender, we had the opportunity to get an interweaving backstory from all the planets involved in the creation of that series Voltron and with the new recruits and the “CENTER CHANGES” we were hoping for something new. Then again in Legendary Defender the Guardian the guardian of Oranide, the mystical birthplace of Altean alchemy is another White Lion!

During the final battle as power supplies are being depleted from the Galra Ships, the Balmera or Balmeras (what’s the plural for Balmera?) show up and Coran goes into his Dues ex Machina of ancient “oh yeah” wisdom to say that a pod of Balmera is called a convuldrum (yes I had to put on CC just to get the right spelling) and they use their Quintessence to MERGE Voltron and the Atlas into a GIANT WHITE LION VOLTRON with accents of each individual lion on the appendages. One quip about that, after the merger I would have liked to see Shiro in his Black Paladin uniform or something like it. Plus after jumping through realities it would have been nice to see or glimpse to the previous incarnations.

Now with the “White Lion Voltron,” we cross the multiverse. Finally coming to the beginning of all reality. as Hornerva has a biggest is maternal hissy fits and starts taking out the fabric of reality itself. Then comes the heaviest moment of the whole series. Princess Allura realizes what she must do and convinces Hornerva that together they can save the universe by combining their powers to rewrite reality to the way it was. this was so hard as we had just seen Lance confess his love for the princess and they were starting to have a deep relationship. As she says her tearful goodbyes it was an affirmation of what is inside each paladins core. She even leaves Lance with a parting gift, Altean markings on his face of course in blue.

With all of reality restored the princess and Hornerva left one little extra, they resurrected Altea itself, we finish with…

One year later

On an Altea as it is still rebuilding the Castle of Lions the Paladins and Coran have a diner in Princess Allura’s honor to remember her sacrifice. later that evening the lions awake a fly off into space themselves… only to find

The Epilogue

Keith: After a stirring speech to the Galra empire and turning down the opportunity to lead them or be their diplomatic emissary to the Galatic Coalition, Keith has reshaped the Blade of Marmora and turned them into a humanitarian group.

Pidge: Katie and her family have started training the next group of Legendary Defenders. But it seems as if there are too many pilots for 5 loins. Guess they will need 3 teams and 15 vehicles. Yep, they totally built Vehicle Voltron! She also made a synthetic being, aptly named it Chip, nice reference!

Hunk: Hunk is now a culinary master having a brigade of chefs under his wing and using his skills for diplomatic dinners showing that true harmony can be created when we, like ingredients, work together.

Shiro: Our cool-headed hero found his happy ending leaving the war behind him.

Lance: Chose to live a simple and peaceful life and spreads Allura’s message and story.

we hope you enjoyed all that Voltron Legendary Defender brought to the table. Not only to bring back those memories for the 80’s kids but like I said to give you a show that now has a story to make it fill that void out imaginations did so long ago. we had a few missteps along the way and those 6 episode “seasons” but at the end of the day all we wanted was a giant robot kicking ass across the universe and we got it with a badass story to go along with it.

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