Double Decker! Doug and Kirill, The story of two detectives as they navigate and rid the world of crime and the drug Anthem is receiving a 3 episode special named Extra Story. Episodes will be released monthly starting in February with episode 1, The Daily Lives Of 7 Detectives, Episode 2 Infernal Unfair will be released in march, and the final episode , Detective Buzz-Cut: The Case Of The Stream Murder will be relaesed in April.

The special will be avaliable on streaming websites and subscription services. It’ll also be avaliable on DVD and Blue-Ray starting May 1. The DVD and Blue-ray will include a extra CD with featured content such as audio commenting and cast talk segments, a booklet, and audio drama.

Extra Storyis bringing in amazing talents such as Director Jouji Furuta, Case Designer Masakazu Katsura Script Writer Tomohiro Suzuki and many more.

The Show originally has one season withe 13 episodes which were first aired in September 2018 on a weekly basis. Double Decker was Animated by Sunrise animation and has been licensed by Funimation for the English dub.