3. Dillon and Ziggy: Power Rangers RPM

In the beginning, Ziggy tries to make a fail attempt at hijacking Dillon’s car. Ziggy’s clumsy, wacky, and silly personality actually favor nicely with Dillon’s more gruff, aloof and somewhat withdrawn personality. Dillon has no problem standing up verbally and physically when it comes to Ziggy. Even before they were Rangers, you could see the blossom of friendship be born.

2. Eric and Taylor: Power Rangers Time Force/ Power Rangers Wild Force

Coming back in the team-up episodes, Eric the quantum Ranger quickly develops a love/hate relationship with Taylor the Yellow Wild Force Ranger. This all came about during a little incident in traffic. Although the two dominant and commanding Rangers started out consistently clashing with one another, it was during this time that Eric even went as far as allowing Taylor to use his Quantum Defender in battle.