Today’s cosplay spotlight will focus on Sara Moni Cosplay! Sara executes the art of cosplay perfectly. Her early years designing and making clothes helped fuel the fire for her cosplay fashion. Sara Moni also challenges herself with every cosplay she does Here, you’ll find out what inspires Sara in the cosplay community as well as which cosplay has been some of her favorite.

Sara Moni as Chloe from Uncharted

That Hashtag Show: What got you into to cosplay?

Sara Moni: From a technical view, I loved making clothes and designing shirts. I wanted to learn how to sew, and I taught myself. From a creative side, I always liked costuming and theater. Makeup and hair is also a huge inspiration. I love being able to shed light on characters that would normally not get attention.

Sara Moni as Psylocke

That Hashtag Show: What is your favorite cosplay?

Sara Moni: It changes depending on the event! Some that I love to wear are Gamora, Silk, Ultimate Wasp, and Psylocke.