The eighteen-year-old genius, television star, and popular game developer Erwin Arclight seems to have it all. With tons of admirers praising his prowess, what more could he ask for? Erwin’s only fault — though ultimately his source of power — is the pleasure he receives from chasing new experiences, so when the Great Void brought death and destruction to the world, he didn’t hesitate to investigate. As fate would have it, Erwin’s encounter with the Great Void awoke an inner power, making him into a SoulWorker. With transforming dual handguns “Gun Jazz” at his side and an over-confident grin on his face, Erwin fears no foe.

Available now through a free game update via Steam and the Gameforge portal, Erwin’s class advancement upgrades this gunslinger with an explosive rifle as a secondary weapon and six new skills! This cocky commander can now order a platoon to perform more powerful attacks upon his request, or summon an adorable but deadly robot for support. Additional skills allow Erwin to bombard foes while looking cool on a hoverboard and bolster his attack power. Erwin’s even got himself some new flair as well — sporting an alternate outfit that will surely help him reach his new level cap of 60 in style. 

Hub city Grassover Camp gets some fresh new additions today — adding the Carnivore Park
and Meat Factory mazes, four challenging dungeons, and three difficulty levels for hardcore players looking for greater risks and rewards. But that’s not all; the young SoulWorkers are in for some Holiday capers with the release of the Christmas Event. Santa-Grutin has come to town and with him a bunch of new rewards available to players who collect and trade in snowflake crystals — from winter accessories, surprise gift boxes, player titles, and access to the new Lonely Party festive maze. This is the update that keeps on giving!

Check out the SoulWorker Erwin Advancement trailer here:

About SoulWorker

SoulWorker is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure that delivers high-energy battles, a captivating story and anime-inspired cinematic gameplay. Players choose between six heroes: Haru, Lilly, Stella, Erwin, Jin or Iris in their battle against the Great Void and its legion of merciless demonic creatures. Previously only available in Asia, the game is now open to players in both North America and Europe.

Other new and popular editions to Gameforge’s portfolio of free-to-play online games localized for the western market include Metin2, Aion, Nostale, Elsword, Tera and the recently acquired Guardians of Ember. A truly global publisher, Gameforge supports 450 million registered players across 75 countries between more than 20 titles.

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