We hear about big names in Star Wars all the time, but that does not mean they will have a ton of screen time or that we will even recognize them when they are in front of the camera.  Daniel Craig was in Force Awakens but was hidden behind stormtrooper armor.  Simon Pegg was also in Ep VII, but you would never know it behind all the latex and gruff voice of Unkar Plutt.

Thanks to Makingstarwars.net we may now know the role Nick Nolte will be playing in the upcoming series The Mandalorian.  The growly, menacing Nolte will be playing….an ugnaught!?  That’s right, the little piggy guys we first met in The Empire Strikes Back will represent Nolte, or at least his voice.   

Obviously the 6’1″, 77 year old actor will not be playing the meter tall walking swine.  Reports are Nick did a voice recording gig in a linen closet between work on another project.  It lasted less than a day, so chances are his role won’t be terribly big, or the Ug won’t use much English.

They say the actual ugnaught will be played by a small woman with an animatronic mask from Stan Winston studios.  This is the same studio that has done a laundry list of effects from the greatest films in history.  Apparently the mask being worn responds to voice command.  The lip movement is said to be a near perfect match for the dialogue.  The Mandalorian appears to be showcasing the latest and greatest technology for Sci-fi television shows.

They say Nolte was really able to make the role his own this could be a brilliantly funny move.  Nick could bring a lot of character and pizzazz to the little pig dude.  This could be the biggest role for an ugnaught since Melch, Hondo Ohnaka’s side kick from Rebels.

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