I have to say, guest writer Mark Russell does a great job continuing to ratchet up the insanity of this title.  I do not know what sums this issue up better than the B Cover.  Harley and a Hyena flying across the snow cover.  It is fun.  It is funny, and it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.  

The A cover is more on point.  This issue has a very simple story – Harley and her attack cats.  Okay, not so much HER cats as Harley is apparently deathly allergic to cats.  The cats belong to one of her tenants, one Ferrell Katz.  Yes, the name is what it is.  This issue has no end to the CAT-chy play on words.

The crux of this issue is quite simply,  Harley has to get rid of all these cats that used to commit crimes for Ferrell, or she will never get a break from her allergies.  Harley then proceeds to give the cats away to good (we assume) people.  One even goes to Mr Egg Fu.  Yup, a walking, talking egg with robotic arms.

So where’s the drama?  The area around HArley’s apartment is run by a men’s only cat store called Men O’ Paws. (See I wasn’t joking about the names).  What’s our beloved and sweet Harley do?  Why she rubs their noses in it of course.  Harley begins giving the cats away right in front of their store.

When confronted by three thugs, Harley is actually three steps ahead of them.  She taunts each of them with their darkest secrets that she was able to find on the internet.  Of course the boys run away like petty punks.

Of course our story can’t end there.  The Men’s club retaliates and starts a brawl that overwhelms Harley.  Of course the remaining cats are attempting to help as well (and do a pretty good job), but even then the men’s club is too much.  Of course to be a true Harley comic there has to be blood.  There is a nice panel of Harley hacking off a thug’s hand.

We get cats shooting guns.  Cats controlling remote control airplanes.  Cats dive bombing from said airplanes.  Then of course who should appear but Selina Kyle, Catwoman herself.  Fight over and another cat gone. 

As I said there is really no point to this issue.  This is the last of the filler before we get BATMAN!  All said and done, the fact this is a pointless issue doesn’t mean it isn’t a whole lot of fun!