The new season of Power Rangers is premiering in February, and Power Ranger Talk has gotten their hands on some more toy listings from Amazon UK for the new season.

They have found 5 new zords, and the blaster that the Rangers will be using:

And in case you can’t see the list, the new toys are:

  • Striker Morpher Blaster
  • Beast Jet Zord
  • Beast Chomper Zord
  • Beast Racer Zord
  • Beast Wheeler Zord
  • Beast Wrecker Zord

Power Ranger Talk also provided some images for what the Beast Jet Zord, Beast Wrecker Zord, and Beast Wheeler Zord could look like:


Now, these should be taken as rumors and with a grain of salt. However, these wouldn’t be bad zords, but it would be a little bit interesting to see who they will fit in with the theme of next season.