Who needs heart warming Christmas classics when you can Netflix and keep chilling with dark tales of teenage angst. The masterminds that gave us the Archie Comics-inspired series that was one of the highest streamed shows on Netflix decided to be kind and give us one more episode before the years end.

In this awsomely wicked holiday special that picks up right where the season left off, with a newly platinum blonde Sabrina dealing with the repercussions of signing her name in the dark book. The new episode shows the teenage witch celebrating the Winter Solstice, “when families gather together around the Yule Fire to sing pagan carols” (because “F” Christmas music).

Not to mention the trying to stay safe inside from the creatures of the night waiting to do Dark Lord knows what to who knows. Judging by the trailer, those creatures include a sinister looking Santa Claus, creepy wooden puppets brought to life by some dark magic, and a spooky she-demon. Plus, we’ll be getting our first look at the perfectly cast McKenna Grace (The Haunting Of Hill House) as a cute yet too old for her own good little Sabrina. That’s right… FLASHBACKS are in play.

Honestly, this show is so good that I know one episode won’t tide us over until the series picks up again on April 5, 2019. Which is also why our resident Sabrina expert Kelly Bohart has put together a fan tribute video where she blesses us with a very Sabrina-esque cover of Cherry Bomb that even the dark lord would approve of. You can watch it AFTER you’ve enjoyed the episode; or before… who knows, I’m not the boss of you.