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DC Step Up

DC has made a lot of mistakes up to this point, but those very mistakes may have led them right where they need to go.  They did their team-up.  It did not work out so well.  They were too rushed and unfocused with an already broken vision. They have now lost Ben Affleck as Batman.  He is caped crusader #6, so replacing Batman is not a big deal.  The problem is DC has now lost its Boy scout.  Henry Cavill is done with Superman.  He is not so easy to replace.  At this point a future Justice League movie looks to be in trouble.  And that is a good thing!

There are essentially two ways to do an effective team-up.  You either follow the Marvel template and build the team up one origin at the time, or you follow the X-Men template and follow one character as they enter the team (Rogue/Wolverine).  Unless DC plans the latter, they need to move away from the team up movies all together.  Their future slate is doing exactly this.

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Wonder Woman was a fantastic anchor to relaunch from.  Aquaman looks to be joining WW as a hit stand alone.  In four days, it has already topped the Justice League box office in China.  Shazam! is due up next and looks to be a stupid movie that will leave our sides hurting from laughter.  After that we have Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 1984, and Joker. Floating further out without release dates we have Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, The Flash, and a possible Batgirl.

As you can see DC has a slate of not only single hero movies, but heroes/villains with personality.  The movies need to be well done of course, but it helps that all these projects are more organic and allowed to flow on their own.

DC needs to stop with the mass team up ideas.  Stick to the smaller, single man movies.  If you have an idea for Wonder Woman to team up with Batman go for it but stop trying to make Justice league titles until its either time or never. If DC follows this formula, they could have a very bright future ahead of them.

Going forward over the next few years we are going to have a TON of great Comic book movies from every side.  Marvel will continue to generate awesome movies.  I really think DC will hit their stride in the next couple years, and even Sony seems to be righting their ship a bit with megahits like Venom and Into the Spiderverse.  If you want to pick a winner though, my money is on DC.