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Failing the Past, Starts the Future

Between these last two films was DC’s biggest hit in Wonder Woman; However, while it played with interactions with Bruce Wayne, it was basically a stand alone origin movie.  It was a great solo film, but it did nothing for the EU.  The thing is Wonder Woman may be the movie that forges the new future for DC, which I will explain in the next article.

DC has been destined to fail from the beginning.  They have been trying to play the other team’s game instead of playing their own game.  That and they set forth a vision they did not believe in, nor would the studios support.  Marvel on the other hand, has had so much success that even its lesser films are not considered failures.

Things might not be as dark for DC as it appears.  In the next article we will look at how things are standing now and the future course of events that could take DC to the top of the box office over Marvel.