That’s right Super Sentai fans, Mirai Sentai Timeranger is now streaming on Shout Factory TV! For the past several years Shout Factory has acquired the rights to sub and release Super Sentai series legally here in the US. Recently they just added the 24th Sentai series to their ever growing library.

Much like Power Rangers Time Force, the show follows the stories, or in the adaptation “cases” of four time cadets who come back to the present day and recruits a man from the present to stop the evil boss Don Dolnero. What’s great about Shout Factory’s ability to sub and released all theses show is the fact that we as super fans of rangers can go back and see where it all came from. So far Shout Factory has released online Zyuranger (MMPR) up to Timeranger (PRTF) with more on the way. If you’re interested in other Tokusatsu show they also have Ultraman streaming.

You can check out the Timerangers and all their cases here