Rey Rebuilds

“They also talked about Rey’s lightsaber and how it’s back and has been reforged. They said the reforge is not shown on screen.” 

This has been some interesting speculation.  Of course Rey will wield a lightsaber, but will she wield Luke’s lightsaber hilt, make her own or get new crystals? Based on this it appears she will be remaking Luke’s grip.  The biggest question from TLJ was did Luke’s crystal break in half?  Apparently if it did break, it is still usable.

Us seeing Rey forge her own saber is likely not a very big deal.  I wish she could have made a new one simply to have a new saber handle for cosplay instead of the same one for seven movies now.  Perhaps we’ll we finally get to see if this galaxy is advanced enough to have duct tape.

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BB-8 Gets a Friend?

“There’s a new droid. It’s name is Dio and it’s sort of a sidekick to BB8. It’s little and has sort of a cone shaped head, kind of like a megaphone shape if you can picture it.”

The droid scene is getting crowded.  How Dio, or D.O., interacts with BB-8 may be a big deal.  It may not.  The only droid issues I’ve had is that they have not done a good job of balancing the droids.  BB-8 has been fine, but R2 seen little action.  If they are now trying to balance three droids it could be a lot to fit into an already busy script.  Then again it could flow seamlessly.

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One More Little Thing

Does anyone care about the Knights of Ren or should I end the article here?  The source had one last thing to say:

“Yes! I totally forgot about them but they will definitely be in the next movie… They did show numerous pictures/artwork of them. I wish I had more details but at the very least it seems like they will play a bigger role than previous films. While I’m a Star Wars fan, I’m not a superfan like many of you so a lot of names/details/places probably were wasted on someone like me.”

So, yes.  The Knights of Ren will have some roll to play in this final chapter of the Star Wars saga.