Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory Heads to Early Access on PC and Mac in Q1 2019


Stumphead Games has announced that its sophomore title, Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory, will blast into Early Access on PC and Mac in Q1 2019.
In the dark depths of space, an unknown threat called Purgatory has begun to consume colonies throughout the cosmos. As solar systems are engulfed by this mysterious force, the fate of civilization is at stake. Now it’s up to Crome, the Consul’s best star pilot, to travel into the unknown and put an end to Purgatory before it overcomes the entire galaxy.
As mankind’s only hope for survival, Crome must eliminate dozens of waves of cosmic beasts and ships to escape the dark abyss. Thankfully, his sleek ship comes equipped with devastating weapons and a precise dashing ability; a perfect combination for slaying alien scum. Take control of Crome as he hunts down hordes of galactic monstrosities and bring back peace in this retro-inspired bullet hell.

Super Crome Key Features:
  • Fire your way through fast-paced combat scenarios and dash through overwhelming attacks
  • Face off against more than 20 beasts, ships, and fiendish bosses
  • Harness an arsenal of destructive weapons and abilities
  • Annihilate enemies to level up Crome’s ship and upgrade its firing speed
  • Challenge friends on a competitive leaderboard and secure your spot as the Galactic Consul’s most skilled pilot
“Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory is a careful fusion of retro arcade stylization and modern bullet hell gameplay,” says Josh Jacobs, founder of Stumphead Games. “Its classic vector-inspired graphics are right at home with the swift pacing and precise controls we’ve come to expect from contemporary shoot ‘em ups.”
Eager space pilots can wishlist Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory on Steam today. For more information, head to its official website and Twitter.