Power Rangers Beast Morphers is well into production. The cast is starting to do their ADR sessions, and 2 unknown characters have been cast.

Up first, Ashton Brown, who was cast in Super Ninja Steel as the voice of “Voltipede” in Car Trouble and was cast as an extra on Megaforce, has been cast as a voice actor for an unknown voice role, as reported by The Power Scoop Blog. Because of the role is unknown, he could be any one of the villains for next season.

The cast is starting to do the ADR for the series, so this casting comes at a good time. There isn’t a lot of news for the villains. All we know is that Evox is the main villain, so there isn’t much information to go off of to figure out who the other villains could be.

The Power Scoop Blog has also uncovered that Barry Duffield, known for playing “Lugo” from the British tv series “Spartacus,” has also been cast on the show for another unknown role.


He did post this message on his Facebook, and someone did ask if his character will be a good guy. He simply replied by saying “nope”. Duffield is also a screenwriter, so that could mean he is helping out with the writing for the series, meaning that the season could end up being better then what a lot of the fans are expecting.

These 2 castings could indicate that these characters could be villains, but it is still unknown for either actor who their character is going to be. I say they both could be villains, preferability one of them could be the voice of Evox. But, hopefully, we will find out who they will be playing in the show soon enough.